“I am ready to die for Allah”

And he did.

Belgacem, 39, a Paris-born Frenchman, was shot as he attacked a female soldier, trying to steal her assault weapon, ending a spree of violence that lasted several hours.

While grappling with the soldier, he shouted “I am ready to die for Allah”

You then look for authorities to call it a terrorism attack. ?Or that it is linked to radical Islam. ?And you don’t find any of it.

What the authorities did use to describe this man: ?

  • Frenchman Ziyed Ben Belgacem
  • ‘extremely violent’ criminal
  • seasoned criminal

And then, a ray of hope

While he was in prison, officials noticed “signs of radicalisation”, according to Molins, and he was known to police but not considered a serious threat. His house was searched, with no result.

Well, that was clearly a poor judgement then.

Neighbours described him to AFP news agency as a withdrawn, serious man who nobody really knew.

A lone wolf, you might say. ?A mentally unstable man.

But clearly, nothing to do with radical Islam, terrorism, or anything else that can be sheeted home to the Religion of Peace.

This happens all the time and isn’t at all related to Islam. ?The number of Christians, Sikh and Buddists that have committed suicide by trying to take a weapon from a soldier is … ?well, zero. ?But that doesn’t disprove the point. ? Nothing to do with Radical Islam.


Al Jazeera