Retailers whinging about GST again now Amazon is setting up in Australia

Retailers are having a whinge again now that it appears Amazon is setting up a distribution hub in Australia.

They moan about GST and while they have a very tiny point retailers and distributors have been having a lend of us forever. ??

I buy a lot?of ?stuff offshore. I do so for a number of reasons, the primary one being availability. There are simply some items that no retailer stocks in NZ, and if they did stock it then they would charge an arm and a leg for it.

Price is another reason. I can assure readers that the savings are far larger than 15%GST…otherwise why bother.

Instead of whinging and demanding that the government tax everyone they should adapt and start delivering things people want at a reasonable rate instead of ripping us off.

The other great thing about buying online is I don’t have to find a carpark, navigate hordes of peasants and deal with surly staff.