Retard Green MP needs basic Auckland geography lessons

I love Green MPs using social media to make a point.

It’s just a pity they are usually as retarded as Steffan Browning or in this particular case Eugenie Sage.

Land developers and farmers denying they are contributing to the problem doesn’t clean up the Kaipara or protect the snapper fishery. Land development for subdivisions north of Auckland eg near Orewa involves major land reshaping. A few sediment fences would never contain all the runoff given the scale of earthworks.Sediment and nitrogen inflows need to be reduced and the new fund is a start.

FFS doesn’t she even know the Kaipara Harbour is on the west coast and Orewa is on the east.

And there are some pesky hills in the way, so unless she knows of some sort of magic way to make water and sediment run uphill she is just talking out her arse.

She also, clearly, hasn’t been to any of those subdivisions to view them, and the extensive earthworks and run off prevention that is in place, with holding ponds and settling ponds to prevent silt and sediment running off into the WAITEMATA harbour.

The Resource Management?Act prevents such large scale earth moving WITHOUT substantial?sediment control. The Council would be slapping the developers with millions in fines if they were?doing what this silly bint suggests.