Road Maggots destroy business, but they won’t care as they cycle along in their cloud of smug

Cycle lanes are all the rage and councils are ripping up roads motorists paid for and creating cycle lanes for road maggots so they can feel smug.

There is a cost to that, and people are beginning to find out.

After 27 years of running Chappies Dairy in Wellington,?owners Sandy and Ken Patel are shutting up shop due to declining business they say is partly due to?the controversial Island Bay cycleway.

A lack of short-term parking outside their shop on The Parade in Island Bay has proved to be the?”nail in the coffin” for their business, they say. ?

Four short-term parking spaces directly outside the dairy?were removed to accommodate the $1.2 million cycleway, which was built between late 2015 and early 2016. It left the?Patels with just a single car park.

“It’s been a decision that has been coming for a while. Business has just been getting slower and slower without the parking spaces we used to have,” Sandy said.

“We were really grateful to get that one park because some other businesses have none. But unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t enough.?People just keep driving.”

Two 10-minute parking spaces were placed around the corner to compensate, but Sandy said people often parked there all day with little consequence.

Wellington City Council had paid little interest when asked to intervene, and it was only now that closure was imminent that discussions had begun, she said.

“They didn’t care until now but we won’t be the last ones to close. There is definitely going to be many more closures along here.”

Councils don’t care. They are all about virtue signalling and creating road-blocks for business these days.

Politicians love the photo opportunities when cycleways are built but they are nowhere to be seen when the negative consequences strike.