A public pool is being partially closed one night a week to give Muslim women the opportunity to enjoy some uninterrupted time in the water while they learn to swim.

WaterSafe Auckland is behind the initiative which sees a dedicated teaching pool at Cameron Pool and Leisure Centre managed by YMCA in Mt Roskill closed for two hours every Thursday night for Muslim women-only swimming lessons.

The programme, born of an identified need for a culturally appropriate programme delivered in a culturally appropriate space, has attracted a lengthy waiting list of mainly migrant women in addition to the almost 50 already participating in the classes.

You say Tomayto I say Tomahto. You say culturally appropriate, I say sexual segregation and submission to the oppressive requirements of a culture that are at odds with our own. You say culturally appropriate space, I say a secure facility that prevents men and boys from entering or even looking through windows at those in the pool.

Despite the name, the lessons are inclusive of all women, who for a variety of cultural, religious and health reasons, feel more comfortable swimming in a relaxed female-only environment.

What a load of rubbish. If it was truly inclusive of all women the above timetable would not have described it as “Muslim women’s?swimming classes” The reality is that it only exists because of demand and the only women who feel culturally unable to swim in a public pool without segregation and a secure facility barred against men are Muslim women.

“A lot of these ladies do come from difficult backgrounds, so it is a place for them to feel safe and secure while they integrate into the community,” said Cameron Pools centre manager Sarah Clarke.

Integrate? They have got to be joking. Am I seriously meant to believe that after learning to swim in a segregated, secure environment they will then start swimming in a public pool where there are men? If a small percentage of them do I bet they will be wearing a Burkini which would be the limit of their so-called ” integration.” As for their “difficult backgrounds,” I wonder what that is politically correct speak for? I wonder if it means that they are only allowed out of the house by their men folk to swim if they find a pool that will provide segregation and a secure facility?

Clarke said some of the women, who are aged16 to 60, have migrated to New Zealand from war-torn countries.

“Some have gone through some horrendous stuff that we can’t even comprehend and [swimming lessons] are the only social aspect of their new lives.”

I feel for these women I really do. I am sure that they have been through terrible things that I can’t comprehend here in safe democratic New Zealand where I am treated as an equal and where I can have a social life and leave the house without requiring the permission of a male. What I do comprehend however is how their cultural requirements are what are going to prevent them from successfully integrating and assimilating into New Zealand society.

…Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand spokesperson Anjum Rahman said it was important that swimming lessons were available to everyone.

Swimming lessons?are available to everyone but like with women’s refuges Muslim women are not comfortable using mainstream facilities and require separate facilities. Their ” cultural requirements” always require segregation from non-Muslims despite this being a non-Muslim country. This is why Muslim immigrants are the wrong choice of immigrant for our society. They do not fit in. Unlike every single other immigrant who fits in Muslims require segregation and separation from our cultural way of doing things. They don’t integrate because they require us to accommodate their special cultural needs. We don’t do this for any other culture or religion here in New Zealand.

…”It isn’t wrong to ask for public facilities to be responsive to the needs of the community.”

Rahman said there was a nation-wide demand for these classes from the Muslim community as well as other women.

“It is not just Muslim women that these classes are important for. There are quite a few women interested from other communities.

“For us [the classes are important] for religious reasons but for other women it may be about their body or confidence.”

This is how segregation will be spread throughout New Zealand’s public swimming pools. By denying the obvious truth that this is a special segregation created to meet the needs of the Muslim community they are sugar-coating it with the falsehood that fat women will benefit from the classes being available. Anyone who buys that lie deserves a New Zealand where the Muslim community successfully?brings Apartheid to our public swimming pools. Once they have achieved that concession New Zealand wide it will be spread to our public beaches, our schools and elsewhere. It is called cultural Jihad, destroying our freedom and equal rights from within our society and the well-meaning but naive idiots in Mount Roskill are letting them.

You don’t help people to integrate by pandering to an oppressive culture. You help them to integrate by making it clear which aspects of their culture are unacceptable inside our society. I predict that Mount Roskill will become the first Muslim suburb of Auckland. They have taken control of a public pool and it will not be the only public facility that they will pressure to become ” culturally appropriate.

The Muslim women-only swimming classes run back-to-back from 6.30pm to 8.30pm every Thursday night in the ‘learn to swim’ pool at Cameron Pools in Mt Roskill.

– NZ Herald