Is Simon Bridges really just a big massive socialist weasel?

Photo / Alan Gibson

Simon Bridges is the Minister of transport for the Announcements party.

I call them the Announcements Party because that is all National does these days.

Bill English announced changes to superannuation that won’t take effect until we have elected seven new governments. Paula Bennett announced 1500 new police and now we hear that Police are downsizing. They’ve also announced they are going to build eleventeen million houses and less than 50 have actually been built.

Now Simon Bridges has announced?light rail to Auckland Airport…in 30 years time.

Auckland will get light rail between the CBD and the airport, it was confirmed today, but it won’t be in place for another 30 years.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges announced this afternoon that work will soon begin on protecting the route for a mass transit corridor between the city and the airport. ??

“This is a significant step for Auckland and will secure better transport options for both Aucklanders and visitors to the city,” he said.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and Auckland Transport decided that a busway corridor would be a “credible solution” for the next 30 years. A recent study showed that this option would had the potential to “deliver on forecast demand”.

Over the medium to long term, there would be a staged transition to light rail, Bridges said.

He said route protection work would be progressed “with urgency” in order to future-proof bus and light rail options. The proposed route will be along Dominion Road.

It was not known whether the Government would fully fund the rail project. Its estimated cost is around $1 billion. The NZTA ruled out heavy rail last year because of the cost – around $2.2 billion.

There were renewed calls for better transport links to the airport after dire congestion problems over the summer holidays.

What a stupid idea. No airport rail service in the world makes any money. They are a socialist boondoggle.

I understand the politics…but the idea is retarded…and socialist.

If rail to the?airport was a good commercial idea we’d have it already.

On top of that, they are announcing something ignoring that most of these transport problems will be solved inside 30 years by autonomous vehicles anyway.

These politicians are so myopic.

All National ever seems to do, though, is to announce things…for 40 years away. Delivery will be for other governments, of which people like Simon Bridges won’t be part of.


-NZ Herald