Slogan survey: Which one is your favourite?

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Based on up votes from yesterday here are the top 15 slogans as suggested by Whaleoilers.

Please read through them carefully BEFORE doing the survey

  1. The sunlight it burns
  2. Free speech with bite
  3. Take no prisoners
  4. Content may offend
  5. We bite off more than they can chew
  6. ?Can you handle the truth?
  7. Love it or hate it you can’t ignore it
  8. The real oil
  9. News with teeth
  10. Making the MSM blubber
  11. The good oil
  12. Deplorable
  13. News that bites
  14. Making media great again
  15. The truth hurts
  16. Fact-based media

Remember that the winning slogan will go on coffee mugs, caps, Tees and Polo shirts.

The slogans you select have to be ones you would feel comfortable showing others.

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