A small gesture that is powerful and good but also harmful and dangerous

The small Ahmadiyya sect of Islam is known for condemning Islamic extremism and for doing charitable good works. Their community’s slogan is “Love for all, hatred for none” and unlike mainstream Islam sects Sunni and Shia they are tolerant of other religions. Their values are still not the same as Western values as women and men are segregated inside their mosques and their women still wear hijab. Pete and I visited Auckland’s Ahmadiyya mosque last year and found them as concerned about ” radical Islam” as we were.

The problem I have with the peaceful and tolerant Ahmadiyya is that they are used as poster girls for mainstream Islam by both?the media and politicians. They also promote their faith as being representative of Islam which gives the world a false impression of what Islam really is.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque has also been acting as the center for the ?Loyalty, Freedom and Peace Campaign? in order for the west to recognize Islam as a peaceful religion and to improve the Integration of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


No one would think that a boys rugby team at an Auckland school could speak for the All Blacks no matter how good they were or how many games they had won. The Ahmadiyya simply are not in the same league as mainstream Islam sects Sunni and Shia. They are insignificant numbers wise and they are not recognised as being true Muslims let alone representative of Islam by the majority of the Islamic world. In fact, the ?Islamic world persecutes them. Even in New Zealand the Ahmadiyya have not been allowed to join FIANZ ?(The Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ Inc.) even though ?FIANZ is meant to represent all Muslims in New Zealand.

FIANZ?profits from lucrative Halal certification but none of this money goes to the Ahmadiyya. Our politicians happily take part in Peace conferences with the Ahmadiyya but continue to pour money into the coffers of FIANZ despite their exclusion of the Ahmadiyya. Our government goes to the Ahmadiyya for photo opportunities but FIANZ gets the cash.

Below is an extract from a conversation I had with the?ex-National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at NZ last year.


The Imam we have exposed does not recognise your community and they have even put in writing that you are all apostates. Is FIANZ the same?

ex-National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at NZ:?

FIANZ?does not?represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama?at in any shape of form.
The Imam you are mentioning is also part of the greater allegiance with other Muslim sects that collectively believe Ahmadi Muslims are outside the pale of Islam and the law enacted in Pakistan reflects this. FIANZ is also the same mainstream. Interestingly enough it was the same Imam who with his followers organised two protests against us. Once in Papakura where we were holding a Qur?an exhibition. The other outside our mosque several months later when we hosted an Open Mosque day where all members of the public were hosted to have an informal visit to view the mosque.

While it is powerful and good that the Ahmadiyya in London have staged a show of solidarity it is harmful and dangerous to believe that they represent mainstream Islam. They believe in peace but their minority sect is not funded by billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, unlike the majority Sunni sect.
Their small sect is tolerant but they are excluded from New Zealand’s national Islamic association FIANZ. On the one hand, our politicians are quick to use them for publicity purposes to show that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance but on the other, they fund FIANZ which excludes the Ahmadiyya from both the association and the lucrative Halal certification income.The harsh reality is that the Ahmadiyya represent their sect and their sect alone. They cannot be held up as an example of what Islam is. Even in New Zealand, they are not recognised as being truly Muslim or Islamic. If they were recognised as such then surely our government would insist that FIANZ includes them and they would threaten to cut off all Halal certification authority if they refused.

From left, Ahmadiyya Muslim community vice president Yunus Hanif, Green Party MP Denise Roche, Ahmadiyya external affairs secretary Eqbal Khan and central missionary Shafiqur Rehman, Ahmadiyya national president Bashir Khan and Green MPs Eugenie Sage and James Shaw.