A sneak peek at some of our new Whaleoil Swag

I haven’t had much time to write posts this week as I am flat out setting up our Whaleoil online shop. I have found an American supplier who will brand individual items which means that we will be able to offer you all a wide range of sizes and colours in various types of T-Shirts, singlets, sweatshirts and more.

Our new shop will include an ultra cotton Tee that goes up to size 5XL so even Gerry Brownlee?will not miss out on the thrill of wearing a Whaleoil original.

It has been a family affair as I commissioned Miss Whaleoil to use her photoshop expertise to turn the most popular slogans into logos. Over time we will add T-shirts with definitions from the Whaleoil dictionary as well as other well known Whaleoil sayings.

Sneak Peek Whaleoil Swag

We will be able to offer different products every month to reflect what is happening in the news and in politics. If our cartoonists want to put their amazing creations on coffee mugs or T-Shirts we can make that happen too.

Sneak Peek Whaleoil Swag

In fact, the options are so numerous it is going to take me a while to fill the shop but I promise it will be worth the wait. Prices will be in New Zealand dollars but your purchases will be shipped from the United States. I can’t wait to show you the range of caps but I am currently waiting for their design team to turn our logo into an embroidery file so I can’t show you the range just yet. One cap even comes in Camo. There will be a style to suit everyone and I will even include a Trucker’s cap for the reader who said he wanted one.

I don’t know if anyone will be interested but we can even have Whaleoil socks made.

Their range of uni-sex?tank tops sounded far too girly so I renamed them Singlets because real Kiwi blokes wear singlets like Fred Dagg.

Cam wants me to call them Wife beaters. What do you all think? Wife beaters or singlets? One is politically incorrect the other is not…hmmm

The Wife beater white singlet actually has an interesting back story that goes all the way back to medieval times.


NOT Whaleoil swag