So what?

The Media party and assorted shrill activists are attacking Bill English because he won’t liberalise our abortion laws…allowing more women to kill babies, easier.

Any review of abortion law?is code for “liberalising it”, says Prime Minister Bill English, and that’s not going to happen on his watch.

The Abortion Advisory Committee is calling for an update of New Zealand’s abortion laws, which are still part of the Crimes Act 1961.

But the committee’s recommendations are unlikely to make any headway under a National government, as staunchly Catholic English says it’s a “law that’s stood the test of time”.

English made the comments on TVNZ’s Q+A on Sunday after being asked if he would consider a “modernisation” of the laws.

“Well, I think what they mean is liberalise it, and we wouldn’t do that,” he fired back.

“But look, the Parliament has ways of working with this.”

No big deal. He’s a conservative Catholic, those are his beliefs. Would the media demand a Muslim PM?liberalise laws against their beliefs? Of course not.

So why are the Media party pushing this?

It’s not like there is a massive demand and people marching in the streets demanding easier access to abortions.

While English said the Abortion Advisory Committee was welcome to have its opinion and recommendations,?”they know what my opinion is”.

English supports issues like abortion being dealt with through a conscience vote and, while his is only one of 121 votes, he says he’d hope others would vote?with him.

Asked if his vote as Prime Minister held more weight and “set?the tone” of how others voted, English said:?”Well, look, if it does in that case, I’m quite happy that it sets the tone of not rushing into big changes in abortion law.”

Good, and nor should he.

This is just agitation against Bill English because he is a boring old Catholic conservative.