So, why make her deputy then?

It looks like the retards are still in charge in Labour.

The Labour caucus? selection of Mt Albert MP Jacinda Ardern as deputy leader won?t make a lick of difference to the way the party campaigns this election.

This, according to Labour president Nigel Haworth, who says the elements of the campaign are ?set in stone.?

But he says Ms Ardern will work ?very closely? with the campaign.

Ms Ardern received unanimous support from Labour MPs this morning and there was no challenger for the deputy leadership spot.

Mr Haworth says he?s expecting to see her as a strong figure in the national presentation of Labour?s policies.

?The strong performance Jacinda has shown in both Auckland central and Mt Albert will be translated into the National campaign.?

Jacinda Ardern was supposed to deliver up the youth vote, she is supposed to appeal to millennials and it looks like the brains trust (if you can call them that) don’t think she matters.

You have to wonder then why they bothered ousting Annette King, and replacing her with Jacinda Ardern.

It certainly looks like Labour will be running?billboards with just Andrew Little on them.

Labour are kidding themselves if they think Mt Albert was a strong performance, she got half of the votes David Shearer got. It is good she finally got a win away though.

The most recent Roy Morgan poll puts Labour?s support at 26%, compared to National?s 48%.

Mr Haworth says Labour always tends to take Roy Morgan polls with a grain of salt, saying the party?s internal polling was ?north of 30%.?

He would not reveal a specific figure.

They are dreaming. No public poll has them on anything more than 30%. Sounds like they are massaging their numbers. If you lie to yourself then what would you lie about to the public.

They are dreaming. The only thing set in concrete seems to be their feet.