SOCK defacto father of Ihaka Stokes admits to dropping baby

Murder accused Troy Taylor today admitted dropping baby Ihaka Stokes the night before he’s alleged to have killed him.

Taylor, 23, denies murdering 14-month-old Ihaka at a Christchurch house on July 3, 2015.

The de-facto stepfather claims that Mikala Stokes, his former partner and Ihaka’s mother, inflicted the boy’s fatal injuries while he wasn’t home.


What are the odds that you can drop a baby on its face and then the mother murders it a little later when you’re not even home? ?

Earlier, co-defence counsel and brother Simon Shamy told the jury that the nub of the defence case was that Stokes, not Taylor, caused the 59 injuries that killed Ihaka.

“The Crown case unravels because there is no proof that it was Troy Taylor rather than Mikala Stokes who delivered these injuries,” Shamy said.

Taylor was earlier asked about his relationship to Ihaka. He replied: “I don’t care what anyone thinks – he is my son.”

“I loved them and considered them to be my children.”

Taylor also told how he’d planned to adopt Ihaka and Stokes’ second child as his own, and that he’d also given Stokes a “commitment ring” to show that one day he would marry her.

Asked about his relationship with Stokes, he became emotional: “She was my best friend. I loved her.”

He didn’t do it.

She didn’t do it.

Hello Kahui case Two.



– NZ Herald