Stupid is as stupid does

Tweakers are going to tweak, and if you try to rip them then they are going to get violent…it’s just what they do.

A Christchurch woman held a Taser to a drug dealer’s face because she was sold rock salt instead of meth.

In the Christchurch District Court, Ursula Addie Case, 33, was convicted on a charge of assault with intent to rob, and was remanded on bail to appear for sentencing in Nelson District Court on May 24.

The judge-alone trial before Judge Bernadette Farnan heard that on December 4, 2015, Case?contacted the victim and asked her to deliver some methamphetamine to an address in Armagh St, Christchurch.

The victim turned up at the house and was detained by three people, while her boyfriend was told to go and get the $300 they had paid the previous week for methamphetamine, which turned out to be rock salt.

He drove away from the address and called police.

Oh the lolz…a drug dealer calling Police for protection.

The victim was verbally abused and threatened by the trio, including being told they were going to pimp her on Manchester St?and get the money back.

The victim told the court she feared she was going to be raped and killed.

She suffered a mark above her eyebrow and a cut in the assault.

Case’s defence counsel,?Serina?Bailey,?said Case was suspicious when shown the plastic bag of methamphetamine and did not trust what it was supposed to be, which made everyone angrier.

One co-offender, 22-year-old Casey Marie Chamberlain, told the court she had punched the victim, but it was Case who owned the?Taser and?had zapped it on and off near the victim’s?face. Chamberlain?was sentenced on the same charge last June to one year and 10 months’ prison.

I wonder of the dealer got done for fraud, she was selling rock salt as meth after all. That is a clear prima facie case of fraud.