Susan Devoy, that “deceitful, fascist wench has to go”

Olivia Pierson cuts loose on Devoy and her little make-work scheme.

I have noticed that the creed of multiculturalism has become a zealous religion in itself. It even has a central dogma: ?all cultures are equal?.

Like hell they are.

As if a culture which promotes freedom for all women is equal to a culture which enslaves them and lops off their genitals, due to a religious mandate.

As if a culture which practices religious tolerance is equal to a culture which tortures or kills you if you don?t observe Allah’s laws, due to a religious mandate.

As if a culture which allows for the freedom of homosexuals to love whomever they please is equal to a culture which hurls them to their deaths from tall buildings, due to a religious mandate.

As if a culture which punishes paedophilia is equal to a culture which regularly marries little girls off to be raped daily by dirty old men, due to a religious mandate.

Don?t be sucked in by Dame Susan?s multicultural propaganda, which she peddles on behalf of the United Nations, who are ever more desperate to push migrating Muslims into Western lands.

As part of the anti-racist campaign more than 30 events are being held around the country throughout the months of March & April 2017 ? all of them are funded by the Federation of Multicultural Councils putting on festivals with food, music, crafts etc. But one of these events is accidentally telling about the Human Rights Commission?s real agenda. Upper Hutt Multicultural Council held an interschool debate in a local library in order to discuss multiculturalism in NZ by debating the concept of ?integration vs cultural diversity.?

You see, cultural diversity does not require that migrants from other cultures integrate into our country; integration is considered a racist notion. The people of Western countries are required to not care about nor want to protect their own culture, but instead be open to cultural diversity/equality at all times, in all ways, in every single respect and in all walks of life. Always. If not, you?re a racist- and like a good little modern day totalitarian, Dame Susan is impelling people to ?record & report? you for your “hatred.” Now, what do you think the Commissioner is going to do with all that recorded and reported data?

This deceitful, fascist wench has to go. The whole Commission has to go. If, god forbid, Islamic terrorist attacks ever start to happen in NZ, they will be on her pig ignorant head, and the heads of all other multiculturalists who preach this anti Western doctrine, and I for one will be here to hold them accountable.

I can’t disagree with a word of it.

There is more here, if you want to read it.


– Olivia Pierson