And tell me Andrew, why would Winston pick up the phone in the first place?

In an interview on The Nation with that awful disgrace of a reporter, Lisa Owen, Andrew Little told us all about how serious he is in having a government with the Green party.

They will be called first and then some time later he will call Winston.

There is a massive flaw with both those statements.?

In order for Andrew Little to be making those calls, his party is going to have to score somewhere in the vicinity of 35%. Never in the history of MMP has a major party increased their vote on election day as opposed to their polling numbers in any polls prior to the election. Labour currently trails National in the polls by a massive 20%. They aren’t going pull that back no matter how dreadful Bill English, because Andrew Little is worse…and he has the Greens with him.

For Winston to even bother picking up Andrew Little’s call there has to be the remote possibility that they could form a government, but the only way they would be able to do that is to include almost everyone in parliament except David Seymour and Peter Dunne. It isn’t going to happen. Winston Peters can count better than most politicians and two parties in a coalition is always better than three or four or five. That would especially be true if Winston got 15% and National 40%….that is 55% and easy to govern.

There is simply no reason right now for Winston Peters to pick up the phone.

The last thing to note is that in all the scenarios in the video above, none of them includes Jacinda Ardern as deputy prime minister.

Andrew Little will only be making phone calls to concede on election night.