Together, we’ve done it!

We’ve done it!

Not me, not you, together, we’ve done it.

We have reached our halfway goal for the year just three months into offering our $10 per month ad-free subscriptions.

I’d like to thank all of those hundreds of subscribers who are now enjoying Whaleoil without ads. ?

Wow! the halfway goal in just three months. Thank you.

This now enables us to move onto our new plans, where we will soon be offering silver, gold and platinum subscriptions. We are still finalising those packages but I think you will all be excited when those come out.

Feel free to offer up suggestions on what YOU would like to see in those packages. We DO actually listen to our loyal and valued readers.

If you haven’t yet subscribed then please do and join the hundreds of subscribers who already have. It is an exclusive?club and we now have more members than some political parties.

Whaleoil isn’t all about me…it is all about YOU. Without YOU this site and my will to write is nothing.

It all started as a project to help me fight depression, now look at US. By any measure out there WE are number one.

Thank you, WE are stronger now because of YOUR support.

Now we can move onto our next phase of growing OUR media enterprise.

Once again thank you.