Told you, Winston craps on Bill’s super plans

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out Winston Peters wasn’t going to have a bar of Bill English’s never-never plan to increase the age of eligibility for superannuation.

New Zealand First’s leader Winston Peters has completely ruled out supporting legislation that would raise the age of entitlement for superannuation.

Prime Minister Bill English yesterday announced his intention to raise the super age from 65 to 67, in six-month increments from 2037 to 2040.

Every other party in Parliament, except ACT, opposes an increase in the age of eligibility. ?

“We are categorically not going to support this legislation, or a continuation of the National Party breaking its word to the constituency,” Mr Peters confirmed today.

“We are not going to vote for this betrayal of the electorate.”

Boom. That’s the plan dead in the water now. No other party supports it and Bill’s clusterwhatsit continues.

Blind Freddy could have predicted how Winston would react. I’m surprised that Bill English didn’t see this coming.

Actually, I recant, I’m not surprised at all that Bill didn’t see it coming.

The policy is essentially DOA.


-Radio NZ