Too toxic for the Greens

It appears that Steffan Browning is too toxic even for the Green party.

Their values page on their?website has as one of the key values for Green members that they “Engage respectfully, without personal attacks.”

Clearly, Steffan Browning doesn’t have the foggiest idea about those values:

Green MP Steffan Browning was ordered by his party to take down an offensive social media post about former prime minister John Key, Newshub is reporting.

Mr Browning put it up on his Facebook page during Mr Key’s valedictory speech in parliament on Thursday evening. ?

It featured a glass of red-coloured water on Mr Browning’s desk and the words: “Thought John Key might like a little more blood on his valedictory speech, the day that we get confirmation of the raid he approved was responsible for innocent civilian deaths,” the post said.

That was a reference to allegations in the book Hit and Run that SAS soldiers were involved in a raid in Afghanistan that left civilians dead and wounded.

Mr Browning deleted the post after party co-leader James Shaw ordered him to take it down.

“It is a breach of the code of conduct we have for Green MPs, because one of the things we say is that we don’t engage in personal attacks,” Mr Shaw told Newshub.

Will James Shaw now take up the same issue with Metiria Turei who said this about John Key’s valedictory?

Greens co-leader Metiria Turei wasn’t so generous with her comments and flat out said Key wouldn’t be missed by her.

“I think his legacy is one where he took care of himself and the people he cared about and left everybody else out.”

That doesn’t look respectful and it is certainly a personal attack.

It seems that hypocrisy is OK for Green party leaders.