Why Transgender not gay?

This video gives a very interesting insight into the mind of one transgender student. He used to think that he was gay and he didn’t like being gay because being gay meant that he was bullied and made to feel not normal. In contrast, he now thinks that by being transgender he is now normal and accepted so it is so much better than being gay. Even his mother said that he is not a gay boy who is attracted to boys he is a heterosexual girl who is attracted to boys.

We already know how fashionable it is at the moment to be transgender and to have a transgender child so I can understand someone like him preferring to be seen as transgender rather than gay as it makes him special and privileged in a society that celebrates transgenderism.

The boy in the video has the perception that you become normal if you use drugs and surgery to change the physical appearance of your actual biological gender in order to make your sexual attraction appear heterosexual. This is a real concern to me because many men and women who have cut off their breasts/genitals in order to fully transition to becoming a man/woman have ended up regretting it. They thought it would make them happy and it didn’t. Society encourages gay men and women to mutilate themselves by telling them they will become real women or real men if they do it which is a lie. It is a cruel process and doctors should be criminalised for doing the procedure.

I woke up screaming after my gender surgery. My body was aware of the tragedy and harm that had occurred?it was too bad that my mind did not comprehend the reality. That was in 2005. I had just completed a 15-month period of gender transition at age 45. I thought I was on my way to fulfilling my dreams and destiny of becoming a woman. The truth my body knew was that I was forever horribly maimed, and despite what my deluded mind thought, I was still a man.

How na?ve and stupid was I despite being a well-trained physician with nearly two million in the bank. My gender story was the same as most. I felt trapped in the wrong body and thought of little else since age seven. I wanted to be a girl. Girls were so pretty, and so desired and pampered, and I was just a plain vanilla boy who looked and acted ordinary. No one ever made over me?I was just expected to a boy. I became deeply closeted at age nine, and secretly dressed and dreamed of being a girl, but I felt alone, isolated and even crazy.

This was the 1960s and early 1970s; there was no internet or support group; I had not even heard of the terms gay or lesbian, let alone, transgender. It was not until the mid 1970s when I came across an article in Time magazine about a tennis player who changed sex. That was all it took, and I was off to the races with a mission to become a woman.

If I could only go back to the day before my surgery in March of 2005 — I would run from that surgeon?s knife. I have lived and worked as a surgically altered man trying to play the part of a woman for six years. I spared no expense at trying to make it work. In fact, I spent an estimated $250,000 dollars on various surgeries, and probably at least that amount in clothing and accessories. I took estrogen in every conceivable form. In return, I lost my lucrative job, my family, my social standing, and vital body parts. All for the sake of being true to myself?how tragically laughable.