Do you trust how New Zealand vets immigrants?

Would we be able to weed out criminals? ?Terrorists?

Here is a cautionary tale.

The deceit of a Filipino internet pirate who failed to own up to his illegal activities reveals more stringent vetting of immigrants is necessary, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“New Zealand cannot rely on the personal honesty of some immigrants wanting residency here.

“While Vonn Ryan Motomal had no criminal conviction when he applied for permanent residency in New Zealand, he did not disclose to Immigration NZ that he had been ordered by a US court to pay $35 million for internet piracy.

“This shows a loophole exists in our legislation and should be rectified.

“Motomal also slipped past the NZ Qualifications Authority which is required to check out senior managers at private colleges.

“Motomal was employed as an electronic marketing manager at the failed private college, International Academy of NZ (IANZ).

“This college typifies how appalling the international student industry Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce is so proud of can be in New Zealand.

“Last year the college was shut down and liquidated after it was found corruption and dishonesty were rife,” says Mr Peters.

Kim Dotcom didn’t score highly on the Personal Honesty part when he lied on his application to become a New Zealand permanent resident. ?Worse, there have been no repercussions from hiding information that might affect the application.

So exactly how secure do you feel about accepting immigrants from parts of the world that are known hot spots for terrorism and radicalism?

Trump had it right: ?shut it down until you can have the confidence our procedures are good enough to protect the people that already live here.

Who vets our refugees?

Oh yes… The UN!