You-tube content creators faced with a Whale of a dilemma

As you all know Whaleoil has successfully with your support set up an alternative revenue stream. Despite the growth in our readership, our google ad revenue was not increasing with it and could no longer be relied upon.

People wanting to hurt us financially were periodically making complaints to Google about us which would sometimes result in google taking away our revenue for weeks at a time. It was a situation of being considered guilty until we could prove ourselves innocent. It happened a lot in the months prior to the Dirty Politics hit by Rawshark and Nicky Hager. It was almost as if left -wing political operatives were softening us up before landing the planned killer blow.

We survived their “killer blow” but recognised?that ad-blockers were reducing our monthly income despite continued readership growth. Something had to change.

You-tube content creators are now facing a similar dilemma. Monetisation?( ad revenue) is being removed from Content creators’ You-Tube channels for unspecified crimes. Sometimes they are labelled” hate speech”. Other times they are labelled “adult content.” Younger subscribers are even being unsubscribed behind their backs by You-tube who has decided that certain channels are for adults?only. Some like Paul Joseph Watson say conservative voices are being targeted to purge them from You-tube. Others believe it is mainstream corporates who are wanting to turn You-tube into another version of television who are behind the purge.

The question is whether they will adapt and find new ways to get revenue such as paid subscriptions to their channels or whether they will move to You-tube alternatives. One You-tuber has proposed an alliance between content creators. This could result in a T.V channel of sorts where you could pay a subscription to get access to multiple content creators on one aggregated channel.


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