Tweet of the Day

Swapping Ardern for King may be similar to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, except these deck chairs have been freshly upholstered with a bright festive fabric. ?

The real question: ?Is this a good move for Jacinda? ? As Labour will inevitably not end up as the major party in a coalition later this year, and all the sharpened knives have been left sheathed until after the election, how will Jacinda fare after another historic Labour loss?

Will she be expecting to have a run at the leadership position? ? The union lobby doesn’t back that. ?And neither would her colleagues. ?The most likely scenario is that the new leader will pick a different deputy to make it clear the Little/Ardern fiasco is in the past.

I do believe she can recover from it as she won’t be seen as the actual reason for Labour’s continued failure. ?But it does mean her career will take a step back to allow people to “forget” she was part of the Little Disaster.

Her smartest move now is to make sure she builds profile without being seen as Andrew Little’s closest ally.