Victim blaming and justifying crime from Tariana Turia

Former government minister and Maori party leader appears to condone robbery and violence simply on the premise that shop owners deserve it because they sell tobacco products.

The politician who rammed through cigarette price increases says dairies have a simple solution to prevent increasingly violent robberies – stop selling them.

Dame Tariana Turia told The AM Show on Monday that the death of 5000 people a year due to smoking-related illnesses is too high a price to pay, and her solution is simple. Stop selling cigarettes. ?

Dame Tariana, a former M?ori Party co-leader, said she did sympathise with dairy owners who have been attacked, but said they wouldn’t be a target if business operators refused to stock cigarettes in the first place.

Prime Minster Bill English has ruled out a ban.

“It’s a legal product, the sale of it is heavily constrained. It’s pretty heavily taxed, so we don’t plan to stop selling it, but we are going to put 1100 more staff into the police to make sure that our communities are safe.”

When asked about vending machines, the Prime Minister said the government is?open to discussion to better ways of doing things “with the law is as it is.”

Tobacco is a legal product subject ot?stringent controls. Stasi type?politicians like Turia want to ban that legal product, and are prepared to even justify violence.

Hone Harawira once threatened to take me out the back of a select committee meeting and punch my face in because of the evidence I?produced at the committee.

That is an appalling thing to say and shows just how far anti-tobacco activists are prepared to go to justify their draconian taxes and rules around tobacco.

They fail to see it is their increased taxes, that ironically have made tobacco more expensive than cannabis that is driving the crime.

Also ironically these are the same politicians lobbying to legalise cannabis.