How victimhood narratives can open doors

Being a victim is not something that any of us would choose but some people can use their victimhood status to do good things. An example of this would be someone who starts a campaign to change the law because it failed to protect them or someone who starts a support group or heads a public information campaign in the hope that it will help prevent what happened to them from happening to someone else.

Being a victim doesn’t always open doors though if the media paints the victim as deserving of what happened to them. When we were the victim of a criminal hack the media immediately painted us as somehow deserving of having our privacy violated and the loss of revenue and the emotional fallout was not considered important.

Even though he profited from the criminal hack and was an accomplice of the hacker, Nicky Hager had many doors opened to him as the media approved of his actions. He was invited to speak at Universities to promote his book and to talk about (cough) ethics in journalism. Surprisingly?not one University invited the victim of the hack to tell his side of the story and Cameron would have been more than happy to speak about it; in fact he wanted to speak about it but the doors remained tightly closed.

Recently, however, the doors were swung wide open for a victim of a crime by Massey University. She was not invited to talk about what happened her. This may be because we here at Whaleoil revealed that it was a Fake hate crime. The victimhood?narrative, however, garnered her enough positive and approving mainstream media coverage for Massey University to give her a platform to speak, not on the topic of hate crime but on the topic of her peaceful?Ahmadiyya?religion which is not recognised as being true Islam by both the two majority Islamic sects Sunni and Shia.

As we pointed out on Whaleoil when we revealed that the crime against her was not a hate crime the victim Mehpara Khan is a professional PR person, skilled at influencing public opinion. The fake hate crime happened when she was returning from an?Ahmadi event to promote their tolerant and peaceful?religion. The publicity has opened doors and has provided her with a platform that was never offered to Cameron Slater.