Wake up Australia: Saudi Arabia’s influence on Indonesia is increasing

Saudi Arabia is getting too close for comfort to Indonesia. It has already been revealed that funding from SA and other gulf states to the extremist Islamic sect of Wahhabism is scaring moderate Muslim leaders in Australia who are begging the government to intervene. Now I am wondering if Saudi Arabia is also building up military support from the largest Islamic population in the world that is right on Australia’s doorstep.

Not for almost half a century has Saudi Arabia’s King graced Indonesia with his presence, but that’s all about to change, in a big way.

…the ambassador said the King’s six days in Bali would not disrupt the holiday island, a signal bikini-clad women could still roam free.

The fact that people even considered that his visit would impact the freedom of citizens to dress how they like shows just how much power the Saudi Arabian King is perceived to have over Indonesia already.

“We will not close down beaches in Bali, or other places in Bali, everything will be as normal,” the ambassador told the media.

How thoughtful of them not to impose their Sharia law on the Indonesian people.

But this is a visit with a far wider impact… billions of dollars are at stake and there will be a heavy focus on Islamic education and culture.

“We have a long cultural relationship with Indonesia,” Mr Alshuaibi said, stressing the importance of teaching Arabic in Indonesian schools.


Look at the map and how far away Saudi Arabia is from Indonesia. This is not like the French teaching French students English or the English teaching English students French because the two countries are so close.

Teaching Arabic to children in Indonesia makes as much sense as teaching Latin to children in New Zealand. The only possible reason for wanting to teach Arabic to Indonesian children would be the only possible reason for wanting to teach Latin to New Zealand children. It is the written language of ancient outdated, religious texts. The desire to teach children to read ancient religious texts in Arabic does not reflect a desire from Saudi Arabia for Indonesia to teach a progressive or reformed version?of Islam. Instead, it represents a regressive, fundamentalist version of Islam most likely Salafism also known as Wahhabism.

From left: Part of an 800-year-old Torah scroll; a page from an 11th-century manuscript of the Quran; and the opening of an illuminated Latin Gospel of Luke …

…The nations are expected to sign 10 memorandums of understandings, with the visit estimated to be worth more than $US20 billion ($26 billion).
The two countries have already signed off on a $6.5 billion deal to upgrade an oil refinery in central Java, according to the ambassador.

“It’s a lot of money we’re talking about, big money to be invested in this agreement,” Mr Alshuaibi said.

New Zealand’s own Murray McCully was influenced by the lure of lucrative Islamic dollars and the same technique is now being used successfully in Indonesia.

The ABC asked the Saudi envoy whether the King supported the moderate approach to Islam adopted by Indonesia or if he agreed with protest groups who are demanding Indonesia adopt sharia law.

“The agreed visit of the King actually came before all this happened,” he said referring to the mass street protests against Jakarta’s Christian Governor.

“Saudi has nothing to do with what is happening inside because it is their own internal thing to be solved between the Government and their nation.”

Do you notice how he avoided answering the question? Of course, the King supports Sharia law.

The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law?derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the?Islamic prophet Muhammad. … Its interpretation by judges in Saudi Arabia is influenced by the medieval (Islamic Golden Age) texts of the literalist Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence.


…Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia has donated massive funds to Indonesia including to teach Arabic language in schools and universities.

It wants to open more schools in Indonesia and increase scholarships.

Moderates in Indonesia are concerned an Arabic reading of the Koran is leading to a more conservative approach towards Islam.

“It’s just to teach Arabic and we know there are a lot of schools here teaching Arabic,” Mr Alshuaibi said.

“If anyone uses it for a different purpose, we will not allow anyone to use it in a different way.”

Uh huh and I suppose the “billions of dollars” from Saudi Arabia will come with no strings attached at all.



Saudi Arabia has already influenced at least one mosque and community here in New Zealand by sending Saudi Arabian trained Imam and Salafist?Dr Sahib?to an Auckland mosque who was revealed by Whaleoil to be a Hate preacher. The Salafi movement is often described as being synonymous with Wahhabism. Even Egypt is so concerned about extremist Imams being sent to us that they sent their own hand picked Sunni Imams into New Zealand to “combat extremism.” At the time we were sceptical about their motives but now I wonder if they are more aware of the dangers than we are.