Want proof Bill English is a dickhead, here it is

The opposition and Media party have been attacking water exports.

Predictably, Bill English has quivered when confronted with tweets and outrage from the perpetually outraged.

The Government has written to its advisory group on water, telling it to investigate putting a price on exported water and to report back by the end of the year.

“We’ve written to the technical advisory group that’s working on water allocation, and asking them to include in their considerations the issues around export water”, Prime Minister Bill English said on Monday afternoon.

It comes amidst public and political pressure in recent weeks over the exporting of New Zealand water for sale overseas.

“There is real public concern about foreign companies access to water, there’s also a long-held, deep seated view among New Zealanders that no one owns it and it’s free,” Mr English said.

“We’d want to step through any process carefully so that’s why we’ve written a letter today.”

So he wrote a letter. What a dickhead.

The technical advisory group is part of the Government’s freshwater reform programme, jointly run by the Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry for Primary Industries and Treasury, who have been working on issues about water and allocation since 2009.

“The issues around this are issues they will be very familiar with. Long before there was this level of public interest in water or water quality, in fact six or seven years ago, the Government launched a collaborative process designed to try and get to grips with the wide range of interests, and the challenging policy around water.”

Mr English said there isn’t going to be a simple solution, and charging for water would lead to questions about ownership.

He said there are issues to consider about “Who gets to charge, who gets the revenue, what the charge might be, whether you can do that legally without establishing ownership of the water.”

“New Zealand’s long held position has been no one owns the water and no one actually pays for water they pay for consents, they pay for infrastructure, but water in itself is free.”

Got that. Now here is the truly retarded thing…not just from dickhead protestors going on about 8.7 million litres of water…but even contemplating charging for it.

If we just take exported water, that is 8.7 million litres…let’s say that a 10c a litre charge is placed the export water. The government has now recovered $870,000. That’s it. Not even a million dollars. The volumes are that small.

So, Bill English has reacted to carping whingers. He sent a signal that his government caves under the slightest of pressure.

Only Blind Freddy and Bill English have failed to see that the volumes are so minuscule as to make taxing it ridiculously stupid.

Every single day more water than that pours into the sea by an order of magnitude far greater than a few million litres of bottled water.

The opposition has milked this, the Media party have pressured it and Bill English caved.

Who wants an idiot like that running the country? Not me.

This all just looks like National has no idea how to counter the fools with facts. Instead they get forced into making moves that achieve nothing other than show National is susceptible to the weakest of pressure.


– Newshub