Wellington College suspends 2 boys

Two Wellington College students who made references to rape in a private Facebook group have been suspended by the school for five days.

They have also had their leadership responsibilities withdrawn and been barred from representing the school at sport and cultural events for a period of time.

The board of trustees says it has been unequivocal with the students and with the rest of the school that the views expressed online last week had no place in the college or the community.

“The school will continue to strengthen our existing education programmes on healthy relationships and consent,” it said in a statement.

“These have been in place for more than a year but we know we can do better.”

It would also work with parents “because it is clear that everyone has an important part to play in keeping everyone safe”.

The two boys have issued apologies for what they posted, which included talking about taking advantage of a girl who is intoxicated.

Does two boys make for a “Culture” of rape?

Or is Wellington College or its Board complicit in protecting the remainder of the boys who are perpetuating Rape Culture?


– NZN via Yahoo! News