Who will take responsibility for the failure and create genuine change?

In the middle of an opinion piece on the failure of streaming in schools, Andrew Dickens repeats an astounding statistic:

“[New Zealand’s]?15 year old’s maths scores have dropped by more than any other developed nation over the past 17 years. There’s a similar story in reading and science scores.”

Who will accept responsibility? ?

The nine years of the first lot or the nine years of the recent lot? Families? The teaching fraternity? The Ministry of Education? How about the unions?

Improvements in NCEA Level 2 is not a fix – it has been a credential inflation that does not lead to tertiary study, it can also be gained by avoiding genuine academic subjects and does not position NZ young people well relative to the rest of the world.

In an election year which party will come up with genuine solutions?

It won’t be Labour, they are beholden to the?teacher unions, who exclaim anytime anyone dares mention education that we have a world-class education system.

Yet, this world-class education system is failing our kids…and the unions and Labour want more of the same.


-NZ Herald