Winston speaks out on so-called Treaty principles

If you are wanting to stop the Treaty gravy train then it looks like that only a vote for Winston is the way to do it.

He’s dead right in that the things Maori want to improve their lives are the SAME as everyone else.

Those are the right words that most of us want to hear. ?

Meanwhile, Nick Smith is handing over ever more control to unelected Maori elites.

Auckland group Democracy Action obtained a legal opinion by Wellington law firm Franks Ogilvie on the proposed iwi clauses in the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill. In essence, the opinion said:

  1. The iwi clauses would virtually entrench co-governance and partnership obligations with some Maori into local government, creating an under-the-radar constitutional change.
  2. These sections contravene basic principles of the rule of law, they conflict with our basic democratic principles, and they are inherently racist.
  3. These sections create legal uncertainty, and precursors of such arrangements linked to the Auckland Maori Statutory Board have led to conflict and litigation.
  4. The sections weaken individual property rights, as we have seen in Auckland with the requirement for ?cultural impact assessments?, and reduce the rights of councils in dealing with council property.
  5. With powerful and self-interested tribal bodies at the heart of resource management, as prescribed by the iwi participation arrangements, iwi would become one of the potentially venal interests that the system should guard against.
  6. The proposed sections would give tribal bodies critical advantages of exclusive prior notice, as well as direct input and discussion, while nothing is proposed to protect non-iwi citizens against the abuse of these privileges.

The sections in the bill involving iwi participation arrangements are: 13 (new section 32 (4A)), 16 (new section 34 (1A)), 38 (new subpart 2), 125 (new section 95B). Iwi participation arrangements are described in Schedule 1 new clauses 1A, 4A, 5A (8)(e), 74.

See?Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

It is becoming easier and easier to know who to vote for this election. For me it won’t be National.


– Hobson’s Pledge, Youtube