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portmanteau (noun) – 1. A large leather suitcase that opens into two hinged compartments.
2. (a) A word formed by merging the sounds and meanings of two different words, as chortle, from chuckle and snort. Also called portmanteau word.
(b) A word or part of a word that is analyzable as consisting of more than one morpheme without a clear boundary between them,

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1580s, “traveling case or bag for clothes and other necessaries,” from Middle French portemanteau “traveling bag,” originally “court official who carried a prince’s mantle” (1540s), from porte, imperative of porter “to carry” + manteau “cloak”.

Portmanteau word “word blending the sound of two different words” (1882), coined by “Lewis Carroll” (Charles L. Dodgson, 1832-1898) for the sort of words he invented for “Jabberwocky,” on notion of “two meanings packed up into one word.” As a noun in this sense from 1872.