We don’t ban anything, but we do try to help

Here at Whaleoil, we refrain from banning the things we don?t like, unlike the snowflakes and social justice warriors who seek to regularly Tiso retailers over what they can and can?t sell.

However, we aren?t above trying to educate our nations retailers and manufacturers when they get something wrong, so they can do the right thing and make changes as they see fit. ?

So, despite the fact that Hagar and Stephenson’s ?Hit and Miss? has turned out to be an error-ridden hyped up claptrap of glue and dried pulp, we wouldn?t dream of demanding that Whitcoulls, PaperPlus and the retailer network of bookshops take the book away.

It should still remain for sale.

However, it could be moved from non-fiction to fiction to more accurately cover the contents of Nicky and Jonny?s dark and stormy night.

Put Zilch and Goon next to Mills and Boon.

At least the consumer would then know what they were really getting – fictitious war porn for easily offended.