Enemy of the State

I bought this book yesterday for my Kindle for two reasons. One because Tommy is currently at number #4 on the Amazon Bestsellers list and I wanted to help get him to number #1 and two because after watching dozens of his videos I wanted to financially support a man I greatly admire.

Remember how Amazon sent me an e-mail telling me that Milo’s book Dangerous was no longer available for me to buy even though I had pre-ordered it? Well in the case of Tommy’s book because it was available on Kindle as well as a physical book there was no publisher to cave in to pressure from activists so another way to stop the Kindle version had to be tried.

Amazon claimed that his book was not fit to be published because of how it was formatted.

…Amazon should be ashamed of what it’s doing with this book. For some strange reason Amazon permits hundreds of badly formatted ebooks to be sold on its pages, but we’re supposed to stupid enough to believe that suddenly Amazon cares about this”quality” when it comes to THIS book. Way to go, Bezos…

Eventually, however, the book was back up on Amazon and below is a sampling of some of the reviews so far from both fans and those who disagree with Tommy. I didn’t expect his writing to be any good but it has grabbed my attention from the very first page. I am looking forward to finishing it. I should have known better as I have listened to his speeches and he is a good public speaker. His writing style is direct and matter of fact but he has enough skill to command your attention. I found it very hard to put my Kindle down last night because I was being swept along as his story started to unfold.

…When the history of this period comes to be written, “Tommy Robinson” will figure prominently as a charismatic figure the soviet UK persecuted and prosecuted mercilessly. As he said in an interview on Canadian TV recently, he knows he may be assassinated but the work has become too important to stop now.

You’d think the British government would know it cannot beat a smart, stubborn Irishman. However, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men certainly can – and *have* done numberless times – silence inconvenient dissent. In this case, they won’t leave fingerprints but they and their paid puppets will blame Tommy for “bringing in on himself”.

Regardless of your views on Tommy Robinson and the EDL, whether you hate him or love him, this book is well-worth reading…. For an American, this book reads like one big nightmare from start to finish where Tommy’s rights are whittled away as the state engages in what we would consider cruel and unusual punishment (where the punishment doesn’t fit the crime). The tactics used to silence him can only be described as Orwellian. These kinds of incidences shouldn’t be taking place in a first world developed democracy (regardless of the author’s demagoguery).

In the book, Tommy describes many very real (and documented) problems of criminality within the Muslim communities to which he (and his family/friends) have personally been victim. He appears to have concluded that Islam is the root cause. That contention is certainly debatable. What is not debatable, but very blatantly obvious after reading Tommy’s book, is the complete failure on the part of Britain’s leaders to enforce equal justice and police their Muslim immigrant populations. Their failure has not only led to resentment among people like Tommy, which provided the spark for the EDL, but also has allowed radical Islamist hate preachers and gangs to dominate poorer communities with thuggery…

…The book describes how for the sake of his children’s future,nay, all our children’s futures, he has routinely put himself in great danger, if not from violent and bloodthirsty street gangs or radicalized prison inmates then from highly polished and skilled professional interviewers like Paxman or Neil who despite their intimidating and aggressive questioning were hardly a match for his simply spoken truths about reality on the streets…

The EDL methodology he describes could easily have sparked serious unrest, but hes honest enough to admit to the mistakes he made while simply trying to stay alive.

I read the book in one day, straight through, a fascinating and rewarding read and expose’ of the child rape which has swept the UK and the despicable way the nation as a whole turned a blind eye to it. The book is a challenge to judgement, almost prophetic.

The book isnt an ego trip for Robinson just an heroic tale of one mans personal struggle to sound the alarm and avert disaster.

This was a well written book that I couldn’t put down. It should be required reading for anybody who cares about the future of the United States of America. We definitely have the same problem with political correctness and are closer to the other problems highlighted in this book than we care to admit. If we can’t learn from the mistakes of others, we’ll certainly repeat them.