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I notice toxic Cam Slater is making the odd media appearance again. ?Apart from the fact we like to see the man out front and doing what he does best, the other fun bit is the knowledge that it will make Wrongly Wrongson, Nicky Hager and a lot of others cry in their watered-down porridge that their intense rain of political, financial and extremely personal blows have not managed to change much at all.

Here he is on Radio Waatea

Political blogger Cameron Slater says broadcaster Willie Jackson is wasting his time with Labour given the party?s current polling.

The Manukau Urban Maori Authority chief executive and former Alliance MP goes into Labour?s Auckland regional list conference this weekend hoping to get support from members for a high list placing.

The Whale Oil blogger, who says he is no longer a National Party member, says Mr Jackson would have been more effective if he had continued working with the Maori Party, which if it maintains the 4 percent support shown in the latest TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll could pick up another electorate plus a couple more list seats.

“So I feel sorry for Willie (Jackson), he’s going to devote his time and energy into helping the Labour party and they’re not interested in helping him. That’s the shame of it. Andrew Little is deluded if he thinks he’s going to get enough votes that’ll get Willie Jackson in on the list. There’s all the women that have to go before him because of their man-ban,” he says.

Cameron Slater says Maori voters are still fixated on electorate seats rather than realising the path to power in an MMP environment is through list votes.

Good to see him back in the saddle.


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