Guest Post: Britain did not defeat the Nazis by holding fatuous candle-lit vigils

Another Moslem terrorist plot, this one successful, unfolded in London a few days ago.? Adrian Elms became Khalid Masood and, as in so very many cases when a Christopher turns into an Abdullah, decided he hated the West, the Jews, the gays, the liberated women and so forth, that they deserved to die, and he was going to make it happen.?(Doesn?t that contrast so vividly with converts to Buddhism simply shaving their heads and changing their diet, converts to Hare Krishna going around banging on gongs, and converts to Judaism getting a separate set of crockery for meat and milk dishes!)? Such attacks are intercepted and thwarted by the dozen all over Europe and the West every single week.? They are so commonplace that they are not even being given much airtime or attention anymore.

What transpired in London, then, was not overly surprising.? Nor were the exhaustingly predictable and risible public reactions that followed.? The inane Twitter hashtags, the imbecilic heart-shaped hand gestures, the facile slogans, the insipid props (flowers, candles, and teddy bears). If that doesn?t petrify the dime-a-dozen Johhny B. Jihadis lurking and scheming all over Britain and the West, or alternatively convince them of the error of their ways, then surely nothing will.? The crowd of saps in London’s main square was conspicuously devoid of more than a handful of Moslems, in extremely stark contrast to the tens of thousands of them who come out every few weeks to rage about something or other in “Palestine.”? Indeed, more Moslems turn out to flag-burning events than were present at the laughable wake in Trafalgar Square.

Also inevitable were the vacuous protestations about how London had survived the Nazi onslaught so what chance do these ragtag terrorists have!? The folktales of London’s stoic endurance of the Blitz bombings are unfailingly trotted out every time some misfortune befalls London, be it a terrorist outrage such as this or when a bunch of avaricious subway or railroad workers decide to hold millions of passengers for ransom in order to bilk out a few extra thousand pounds on top of their already ludicrously inflated salaries.

A high-profile British newscaster went on a “defiant” rant on the theme, highlighting London’s defeat of the German air force.? What neither he nor anyone else regurgitating this jaded trope mentioned were a few facts that should be pertinent when attempting to draw analogies.? For one thing, Britain did not defeat the Nazis by holding fatuous candle-lit vigils; rather, it sent formidable manpower and firepower the Nazis’ way.? Britain also identified the Nazis as the enemy rather than as some fuzzy, indeterminate aberration that had no connection to anything else happening in the world at the time.

Winston Churchill made no assertions that the Luftwaffe was “not really German” or that it was no better or worse than any other old air force.? Nor did Britain allow millions of Germans to roam around the country freely (despite a serious double-digit percentage of them having unambiguous Nazi sympathies) or besmirch those who objected as “racists.”? Londoners did not elect a Nazi mayor who proceeded to lecture them on how being bombed to kingdom come by his fellow travelers was normal: “part and parcel” of living there.? Analogies are very useful, both scholastically and rhetorically, but they need to be accurate.? The London of the early 1940s bears little resemblance by any criterion to the London of 2017.

Another inescapable feature of terrorist attacks are the reflexive reeling off of the usual canards about Islam being a religion of peace and “the overwhelming majority of Moslems” being wonderful wholesome folks, salt of the earth, yadda-yadda-yadda.? A reminder of a few home truths would hence not go amiss.? Firstly this:

More granular statistics are just as unequivocal and even more damning.? This site lists a comprehensive overview of the research done into Moslems’ views and attitudes.? The takeaway is that 10% of British Moslems support murdering their own family member for the sake of “honour,” while almost 80% consider publishers of Muhammad cartoons worthy of punishment.? The figures regarding their views and attitudes to other matters of interest (adultery, “apostasy,” role of sharia, equality of the sexes, etc.) lie in between.? Peaceful?? Moderate?? Tolerant?? Don?t make me laugh.

Meanwhile, the explanation for Adrian-cum-Khalid’s terrorist atrocity?? Yep, you guessed it: “racism.”? The lunacy marches on.

Michael Steiner is an academic of more than a decade, including in several countries in the Near East.? He has four master?s degrees and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Manchester.? His interests include history, science, current affairs, and law.? He can be found under the handle @tzioneretz on and