Hey Nicky, diddums

Yesterday Nicky Hager had a wee meltdown because a journalist didn’t agree with him.

Barry Soper called into question one of the photos and the caption from the book that Hager has described as “impossible” to be wrong.

Except the book has many wrong things about it. The location and the maps are wrong, the cover is wrong, who approved the raid is wrong…and now the captions are wrong.

Nicky Hager, though, thinks that errors such as these are small beer and his undies got ripped so he wrote a letter to Shayne Currie, who promptly caved, took down the article and then put it back up later.

The complete irony?and hypocrisy is the email Nicky Hager sent to Shayne Currie. ?

In that email Hager says:

“The book does not claim that those weapon cartridges came from the SAS and indeed in another illustration (on page 49) the authors explain that they are Apache helicopter weapons. The illustration in the book shows objects collected by the villagers after the raid and the caption refers only to two drink bottles pictured, which the villagers thought were left by snipers. There was no suggestion that the weapon cartridges were from the SAS. If we had been asked before the story was printed, we could have cleared up this misunderstanding.”

So, we are dealing with hearsay again. A couple of dirty coke bottles are apparently now sniper drink bottles left behind. If you buy that flim-flam then I have a bridge to sell you.

The truly outrageous statement is Hager’s high dudgeon at not being contacted before the story was printed.

I’m still waiting for a call from Hager to clarify issues before publishing Dirty Politics. In fact the only time I’ve ever spoken to the dishonest weasel is outside court during the Williams v Craig trial.

I imagine that Judith Collins is still waiting for a call from him as well. Along with John Key and everyone else who was smeared in his book.

The NZDF is also still waiting for their calls to clarify things before the latest book was published.

Nick Hager is a hypocrite. We know this, he demands his own privacy but rode roughshod over mine. He now demands that the NZ Herald checks with him before running stories.

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so serious.

This weasel has smeared our finest soldiers based on hearsay of hearsay and some photos neither he nor Jon Stephenson took. They’ve never been to the villages and material and important details like the locations of the villages are wrong.

His goose is cooked. He’s finally taken things too far.

Nicky Hager demands courtesies he never extends to his targets.

Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson have attacked our military and our best soldiers with awful smears, based on nothing but hearsay. They deserve no courtesies.

The general public already believes Nick Hager and Jon Stephenson to be dishonest brokers, now they will consider them to be traitors.

The media, with few exceptions, need to also atone for their sins in believing everything this weasel says is true.


-NZ Herald