LGBTQ activists, feel free to speak up at any time…

In Germany, Muslim parents have ganged up to protest against their preschool children having a gay teacher. In Auckland, the council has provided a segregated Muslim Women-only swimming programme for 12 years. When you provide discriminatory services to Muslims they will eventually demand more ” culturally appropriate” services. In Germany, they are now demanding homosexual free education. If you allow sexual and religious segregation in a country that supports equal rights how is that any different to allowing discrimination against homosexuals? New Zealand is no better than Germany we are just a few years behind in the process of cultural jihad.

…German media outlet Tagesspiegel spoke to Nuri Keifer who is familiar with the subject who said homophobia wasn?t uncommon?

?There is a latent homophobia in the primary and secondary school.?

A spokesperson for the Social Democratic party of Germany had this to say about the matter?

?Muslim parents have to accept that there are other sexual orientations as well.?

A spokesperson for the Christian Democratic Union even agreed.

?If one calls for religious freedom, this also applies to sexual orientation,? said CDU deputy Katrin Vogel.

Frank-Christian Hansel, parliamentary director of Alternative for Germany was a bit more blunt about it?

?Archaic views are obviously much more deeply rooted in Islam.?

Muslim parents have threatened to gather signatures for a petition against a Berlin preschool, after discovering that one of its male teachers is gay…

According to Tagesspiegel newspaper, the parents are mostly concerned about the young man being in physical contact with their children, particularly that he takes them to the toilet.

?For some of them, a gay man is automatically a pedophile,? the teacher told the newspaper.

Following the parents’ discontent surrounding his sexual orientation, the teacher requested that he be transferred to another preschool.

However, the nursery’s management backed the man, telling the parents they must accept his orientation or move their children to another kindergarten.

Many of the parents have already removed their children from the nursery, the Local reported.

…?We don?t tolerate discrimination. We want to raise the number of male kindergarten teachers so that they become important role models for children,? Scheeres said.

She went on to note that “again and again, parents treat male nursery teachers with suspicion.”

The teacher has also received support on social media, with one user saying: “Muslims protest against teacher – the problem? He’s gay: welcome to the Middle Ages.”

The German officials have (to their credit) stood up for the gay teacher and refused to remove him from his position despite the petition and Muslim parents removing their children from the school. However, this is the problem western countries have when they take in a group of people that they give victimhood status to that are at odds with another group that has victimhood status within their country. Both homosexuals and Muslims are minorities but which group is going to be at the top of the victimhood pyramid? Muslims may be a minority but they are a much larger minority population than German homosexuals. How long will it be before their demands and religious freedom is put before the freedom and rights of Germany’s homosexual population?