NZ Human Rights Commission focus on the molehill not the mountain


We all understand that racism is bad but we also acknowledge that racism is about thinking that someone is inferior because of the colour of their skin. It is not racist to criticise a person’s character or actions. It is not racist to point out facts about a group of people. If you are going to complain about racist abuse on facebook you would think that the NZ Human Right’s commission?would bother to screenshot an actual example of racist abuse rather than a statement of opinion that has nothing to do with race or skin colour.

Given the level of racist abuse that they claim was on the police facebook page, was a comment about immigrants needing to speak English before being accepted into New Zealand really the best example they could find?

I searched the NZ Police facebook page for the offending post to have a look at the” hundreds of racist posts” but I couldn’t find the mentioned post anywhere. I watched the NZHRC video on facebook and the only rude comment I could make out was the term curry muncher. Haven’t we become a precious society when we focus on name calling rather than important things like how people actually treat each other. I am so sick of the focus on the small stuff while the big stuff like segregation and discrimination is ignored and even justified by organisations like Auckland council.

The NZHRC is upset that a person posted that immigrants should be able to speak English and that a person is a curry-muncher. No one’s rights have been taken away. Feelings may have been hurt because people were called hurtful names but no one’s rights have been taken away.

In Mount Roskill, the rights of men and non-Muslim women have been taken away for twelve years. When Whaleoil challenged the council about it they changed the rate payer funded programme’s name from Muslim Women’s Swimming Programme to Women’s Swimming Programme and considered the issue dealt with. I was told that despite the programme’s name all women were welcome to join in. What a weasely cop out. No one would expect the Black Lives Matter group to accept White members so why would any non-Muslim woman think that she would be welcome at a Muslim Women’s Swimming programme? What about the rights of Muslim and non-Muslim men? Where is their free swimming programme?

The Muslim Women’s Swimming programme was discriminating against people on the basis of religion and segregating them on the basis of sex. If you are going to discriminate against people then why choose to teach Muslim women to swim when New Zealand European men are the ones most at risk of drowning according to New Zealand drowning statistics?


The NZ Human rights Commission have totally ignored the discriminatory actions of the Auckland Council and WaterSafe Auckland but they post to Facebook their disappointment at mean words.

I despair.