Being a registered teacher no guarantee of honorable people in the profession

Police are investigating criminal allegations made about a staff member at an Auckland school.

Detective Inspector Richard Corbidge confirmed the investigation is into allegations of criminal behaviour at an Auckland school.

The investigation involves a member of staff, he says.

Police are working closely with the school and other appropriate agencies.

Parents at an Auckland intermediate school were sent a letter on Thursday telling them the school had been made aware of concerns regarding the inappropriate behaviour of a member of staff, Fairfax reports.

The staff member had been placed on leave and the school had notified the appropriate agencies.

I don’t think he was making 98% pure Meth in the chemistry lab. ?

But it continues the weekly and at times close to daily revelations that professional teachers as a group aren’t of any better moral stock. ?And that’s what professional registration is all about. ?It is meant to filter out the bad apples.

Apart from them no longer getting name suppression and third and fourth chances to mend their ways, the next area of improvement has to be screening for dud teachers during training, the first two years as Beginning Teachers, and then another two years after that.

By having a formal annual review that includes “bad vibes” having been picked up by other staff, parents or students it provides a process for these concerns to be dealt with.


– NZN via Yahoo! News