A “wildly inaccurate piece of journalism”

Bill English has been brutal in his assessment of Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson:

Mr Hager says he?d hoped Mr English would have taken ?a different line? because he was neutral.?

Asked what he thinks about the Prime Ministers calling the book a ?wildly inaccurate piece of journalism,? Mr Hagar shrugs it off.

?Every reasonable person knows that apart from one essentially irrelevant little map error, which is similar to the one Defence made themselves about where the?location was, nothing else in the book was found to be wrong.?

The supposed scene of the crime is two kilometres out…and this little rat faced weasel says that is an irrelevant little map error. Here’s the problem with that assumption for Nicky Hager…he said it was impossible for him to be wrong…and an error is wrong.

Hager claimed he had SAS sources, I suspect he did not, and that is why he now being a weasel over naming them or having them come forward.

He says he and Mr Stephenson had talked to some of the book?s sources about the possibility of coming forward if there was an independent inquiry and there was some kind of protection.

?I would not recommend it to them now, but I think it?s perfectly possible in the future when the country inevitably has to face up to it.?

Mr Hager says the issue is not going to go away and he?s ?almost certain that it is going to fester away.

Of course it will fester away, he has several acolytes in the Media party who believe he is never wrong. The problem is Hager has been almost as wrong as Wrongly Wrongson on this, including his claims that Tirgiran village can’t possibly exist despite his co-author constantly calling it Tirgiran village in his documentary.

Hager’s claims are nothing but hearsay, same as Dirty Politics, which a judge recognised as such. But this book was so much worse. It was really hearsay on hearsay.

Bill English has made the right decision for once.