Argh. It’s got a name. No need for new ones

Plans for renaming part of State Highway 1 have been blasted for offering “unpronounceable” Maori words and over-complicating a simple strip of asphalt.

Some have called it “PC gone haywire” while others say it’s just part of being a Kiwi.

About 18 kilometres of SH1 are set to become local roads after being superseded by the $630 million Kapiti expressway, north of Wellington.

It was all called “Main Rd”. ?So why not keep it? ?

The proposed names are: Matene Te Whiwhi Rd, Katu Rd, Unaiki Rd, Kakakura Rd, Rauoterangi Rd, Hurumutu Rd, and Hokowhitu Rd.

Paraparaumu man Mike Judd said there should be one name for the old SH1, and he believed some of the proposed new Maori names were too difficult to pronounce.

Matene Te Whiwhi Rd is just stupid. ?Really.

Kapiti Mayor K Gurunathan said the decision was part of a national conversation about Maori involvement in community decision-making.

Maori culture had “given you victory on the rugby field” and he pointed out many people had learned all the words of Ka Mate, the haka used by the All Blacks, which came from local iwi Ngati Toa.

The New Zealand Transport Agency did not respond to questions, including how much it paid for the renaming process.

Waikanae man Roger Bould was not bothered by the proposed Maori names, but said: “giving one long road a whole lot of names” was a waste of time.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re Maori or English, I don’t see the point of giving them a whole lot of names.”

It was the main road. ?Like, forever. ?Which is why it was called the Main Road. ?Sometimes this pandering to Maori is just done of its own sake. ? What makes them so special? ?Why not name it after the first seven prime ministers? ?Or the first seven All Black captains?

These days, if you plant a tree it must be native and if you name something, it must be Maori.

How about we get a turn for a change?


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