Another Road Maggot does their team proud

New Plymouth woman Milla Christensen and a friend were out walking her dog Rosie, a five year old Labradoodle at around 9am on Saturday.

The pair were sitting on a seat near the Waiwhakaiho bridge along the coastal walkway when Rosie who was on a lead standing beside them was spat on by a cyclist who was going past.

“I heard him do the hoick and spit thing and then when Rosie turned it was just sitting there on her.”

Road Maggots go anywhere. ?Roads. ?Footpaths. ?Coastal Walkways. ??

Christensen said it was disgusting and totally unnecessary and also unprovoked as they never spoke to the cyclist at all.

Although she didn’t get a good look at the cyclist she believed he was an “oldish guy” perhaps in his 50’s and was wearing a fluoro yellow jacket and had a black bike.

Although Christensen didn’t report the incident to police, it appears that this may not be an isolated incident.

She had posted a message on Facebook about the incident and another friend told her that the same thing had happened to her a couple of weeks earlier.

Donna Stewart also replied to Christensen’s post with “I think I know the guy you’re talking about Milla – if he’s the one, I’ve had him ‘growl’ at me and my dogs before.

Cyclists are the transport version of Social Justice Bullies. ? They have quite a lot of support from politicians. ?Hundreds of millions are spent on them while other road users lose roads, have to slow down and make other sacrifices.

And then you have these total nutcases.


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