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Ms Turei admitted at her party’s annual conference two weeks ago that she didn’t tell welfare officials she had income from flatmates when she was receiving a benefit as a solo mother while studying law in the 1990s.

Questioned by reporters today, Ms Turei said she wouldn’t encourage anyone to do that but will never condemn anyone who does so.

The MP says since her own admission, dozens of people have come up to her telling her similar stories.

“When I travelled south last week I did meet a woman whose flatmate is a young mum with a baby who is doing exactly what I did,” she said.

“She’s studying, she’s trying very hard to be the best mum she can be but she isn’t telling WINZ about all her flatmates, And I won’t condemn her,” Ms Turei said.

Asked will she dob the woman in, Ms Turei said: “No. I am supporting her in her choices to be the best possible mother that she can be and find the best possible path of welfare that she can.”

Is the best possible mother one that commits fraud and does not believe laws should be upheld by everyone?

“And I will never condemn a beneficiary for working as hard as they can to put food on the table and a roof over their head.”

Or, as the case may be, not working as hard as they can and scamming money out of others instead.

Someone should actually put this to her: ?Ms Turei, you didn’t work as hard as you could. ?You chose to defraud the taxpayer to avoid having to work harder than you were.

Ms Turei has painted herself into a corner where she now has to defend people who commit crimes. ?She does that by applying her own moral standards instead of that pesky thing called ‘the law’.

I’m not sure if we should have people in parliament that are overtly fine with picking and choosing what laws should apply to them. ? But I know there are people out there that do the same thing, so in a sense, she’s carved out her constituency.

The only problem is that by promoting “sticking it to the man” while working for “the man” is hard to reconcile. ?In a way, she is still a beneficiary. ?The same beleaguered taxpayers are still fluffing her lifestyle so she doesn’t have to face the realities of life.

I don’t think we’ll see her at the next election. ?She will have to eat the result and will be quietly given time to find “fresh opportunities”. ?Unlike Norman and Hague, I doubt any sensible organisation will be willing to hitch their cart to her reputation.

I see another Georgina Beyer coming on; ?once out of politics, totally ostracised.


– One News