Labour – the party for gay sickos

Labour are pitching New Zealanders with HIV infections and hoping they weren’t Labour voters until now.

The Labour Party is accusing the government of dragging its heels on funding a drug which could prevent a large percentage of HIV transmissions.

Last year, 244 people were diagnosed with HIV – the highest number of infections since records began in the 1980s.

Labour’s health spokesperson David Clark said his party would fund a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drug, such as the anti-retroviral Truvada, which can reduce the risk of contracting HIV by at least 92 percent.

Truvada can also be used in the treatment of HIV.

The Health Minister’s office did not answer questions about whether the government would fund PrEP, saying it was a matter for Pharmac.

And of course, it will remain a matter for Pharmac, even when Labour is in government. ? But hey, all of the 244 people that feel that voting Labour will hurry things along, they now have a clear choice: ?vote Labour or have an early death.

Who said politics was difficult?


– Michael Cropp, NZ herald