“It is like dirty politics all over again, we need to stay away from it”

Labour Tukituki candidate Anna Lorck has adjusted her billboards after complaints were laid to the Advertising Standards Authority this week.

The statement was changed from “Vote Anna Lorck for Tukituki Your Local MP Here for You” to “Vote Anna Lorck for Tukituki for a Local MP Here for You”.

The two complaints were laid against the line “Your Local MP” as Ms Lorck was not the local MP. She earlier defended the slogan as asking people to vote her in as a local MP.

However, Ms Lorck said it was a very simple adjustment and feels she now has a clearer and stronger vote local message.

“I think this reinforces my vote local message and gives it clarity. If people want a local MP then I am asking them to vote for me.”

She’s got the ego for parliament, that’s for sure. ? But how awkward to have to look her in the eye knowing she’s more familiar with the husbands than the wives of the region.

Ms Lorck said she was keen to move on with her campaign and get out there and focus on the real local issues.

National Tukituki candidate Lawrence Yule said it was good Ms Lorck and the Advertising Standards Authority had reached an agreement to make her signs legal, assuming they had been in contact with one another.

Greens Tukituki candidate Chris Perley said the complaint was “petty” and if the rumours were true that the right wing blogger Cameron Slater had laid the complaint then he had no time for it.

“It is like dirty politics all over again, we need to stay away from it.”

Oh look. ?I’m a right wing blogger again.

I don’t measure up for Chris Perley. ?For one, I haven’t defrauded the taxpayer. ?I’ve just been an absolute pest to politicians. ?Dirtily.

Please note I wasn’t the only complainant. ?The complaint would have been there regardless. ?But I’m getting sick and tired of politicians (and those with unattainable dreams to become one) taking a piss on the voters because nobody ever holds them to account for their election rule breaches.

The fact I had to go to the ASA already tells you our election system is broken.


– Hawkes Bay Today