Do you really think Winston will work with the Greens?

A great many readers bizarrely think that Winston Peters would do a deal with Labour that also involves the Greens.

This is despite a long, long history of anathema to everything the Greens stand for.

But what about this election?

Wonder no more, Winston has posted this to Facebook: ?

The Greens went on TV One Q&A today and called us racist.
They say Maori own the water.
Just like the Maori Party and the National Party who are writing it into law.
That?s racial separatism.
We say all New Zealanders own the water.
The Greens want to charge water exporters – half of the money will go to Maori.
We want royalties on water exporters, 25% of that goes back to the region.
Our warning to the Greens is don?t call New Zealand First racist and think there won?t be consequences.
We are calling the Greens out right now.?
They?re talking about water today.
But why would anyone believe the Greens are concerned about water, when they have such a racially jingoistic attitude towards its ownership.

It is all on between NZ First and The Greens now. It is there for all to see.

There is no way Winston Peters is going to let any Green anywhere near anything that remotely resembles power. Labour and The Greens have their MOU, so you work it out.

Bill English, like it or not, is going to have to work with Winston Peters and these words would apply equally to their shenanigans around dealings with the Maori party.