A sorry family that loved their Moko.

This story made me boiling mad. Here we go again.? Another ?loved? child murdered at the hands of their caregivers, and the blame for it being cast in so many different directions.

?The grandmother of Moko Rangitoheriri says she “screamed and yelled” for help for the three-year-old before his death but felt like she wasn’t heard?

?Nicola Rangitoheriri, Moko’s grandmother, delivered a powerful address?through tears. She said she had rung the children’s lawyer?to get help and was told he would call her back.

“True to his word he contacted me alright…he called to ask how I got on with my mokos. I was so angry. I told him my grandson was dead and we were on our way to Taupo. His reply was he didn’t know he was sorry to hear that.”

Rangitoheriri?said she had contacted many departments to try and bring her?grandchilden?into her care but had got nowhere.

I think if that was my grandchild, and I had any concerns about his safety, I would have driven there and picked him up myself.

“To the Government departments and their support people involved before the passing of my grandson, step up when whanau like myself have concerns.? It takes a lot for us to speak out.”

“I screamed and yelled but no one heard or helped me. My Moko screamed and yelled but no-one heard him:”

The whanau should step up when they have concerns.? Tell someone who can intervene, and keep talking until you are heard.? That child is depending on you for protection, and it?s your responsibility as an adult, as a family, to make sure they get it.

Rangitoheriri?said her family had been judged harshly by what occurred. She said she took it on the chin and it hasn’t changed who she is, but it has changed how she thinks. She appealed for people to “leave the gang life” as it’s not a suitable environment to raise children?


The family knew what was going on, and it would have been so simple, to pick this kid up and take him to a hospital, a Doctors surgery, a Police station, and tell someone that gave a damn that he was being hurt.? But not one of them did that.? And now they are sorry hand wringers.

The family should be judged harshly, a child died at their hands.? Good advice to leave the gang life though.

This post was written by Intern staff.