The key difference between how the left and the right handle being offended

The Left boycott, censor, protest and ban people they disagree with. They also pressure the hosts of speakers, sports people, stars and singers that they disagree with to withdraw the venue. The right, on the other hand, don’t attempt to de platform or silence those who offend?them. Instead, they debate the issues,?sign petitions and create billboards to get the other side of the story told as the Rebel Media are currently doing in Canada.

Mohammed Assaf was the winner of ?Arab Idol? in 2013 […] And now he?s on a five-city concert tour in Canada.

Trouble is, Assaf?s music is explicitly pro-terrorist.

For example, his song, ?Ya Yumma?, is one long propaganda video promoting violence against Israel. While showing videos of riots against Jews, Assaf calls on Muslims to rise up and ?fight the occupiers?. He calls terrorists ?martyrs? and tells young Palestinians to ?fight back? to conquer Jerusalem.

And if you think that?s bad, on his Facebook page ? that has 10 million followers ? Assaf posts pictures of terrorists who attack Jews, and calls them ?holy martyrs?.


No wonder when Assaf first arrived in Canada this week, he was greeted by Nazih Khatatba ? a Holocaust denier.

So what can we do?

I don?t believe in censorship, even for bigots like Assaf.

But I can think of?two things?we need to do?right now.

1. On Sunday night, Assaf is performing at Centennial Hall in London, Ontario. That?s owned by the city.

I want to deliver a massive petition to Centennial Hall?s management on Sunday night, with thousands of names of Canadians who object to a pro-terrorist singer swanning through Canada. I want London?s city council to know the kind of company they?re keeping.

2. I want to show London the truth about Assaf ? including any concert-goers who might not know how odious he is.

I?ve rented a billboard truck.?It?s like a jumbotron from a sports venue, but it?s on the back of a truck!

And we can program it with words, pictures, anything. I want to load it up with facts about Assaf, and drive it around the city before the concert ? showing citizens the truth.?And confronting concert-goers with those facts, too. […]