A Message from the Mods: Moderation Continues

As most readers will be aware, the driving force of the moderation team has departed. Pete is no longer contributing to Whale Oil. While most of us are sad at this transition, there are others who will be almost wetting themselves with excitement at the thought that this spells the end of the moderation “experiment” on The Blog. I can assure those people that it is not. Pete has taught the moderation team all his tricks and methods and moderation will continue in much the same way as has been for the past few years. Truth be known the moderation team are likely to be a bit harsher on what we pick up and also with “sentences” imposed on those deemed to be making deliberate work.

While much will remain the same I’m prepared to share a couple of pet hates that were previously kept in-house for various reasons.

  1. The worst thing a commenter can do is try and be funny around ongoing court cases. There is no sense of humour with this. It will result in a permanent ban and carries with it the possibility of legal action. I have seen this personally.
  2. Trying to come here and badmouth for the sake of it. It shows a severe lack of intelligence and proves that the individual is not capable of debating issues based ON issues, therefore they are likely to be warned ONLY once. They will also have the attention of the whole MOD team and if they don’t make an attempt to actually debate the issue rather than clutter up the place with comments like “you don’t know what you’re talking about” and “yeah whatever you need to tell yourself” they will end up with a ban.
  3. Hiding swearing or hiding anything by the use of “*” or a different letter or number shows a deliberate attempt to circumvent moderation. Honestly, you are better off just writing the swear word and having it held up in moderation. That way there is a possibility of it being edited or simply deleted rather than copping a ban.
  4. Repeatedly trying to get a sentence to go through moderation because they have used a trigger word. It makes no difference. If a trigger word is in your comment it will remain in the moderation queue until it has been checked and cleared regardless of whether or not you change the word. Similarly, if it has been cleared and you then edit it again later….it goes back into the queue to be released AGAIN.

Now I would just like to outline some things that won’t get you into immediate trouble though you might think that they would.

  1. Swearing without trying to hide it. While we prefer you used better descriptive words, new commenters will likely have their swear word replaced with a [MOD REDACTED] and a footnote that says something like [MOD-PLEASE, NO SWEARING] or [MOD-DON’T RISK HAVING GOOD COMMENTS DELETED FOR THE SAKE OF A SWEAR WORD]
  2. Emailing politely asking why a comment was deleted. I’ve been there. The whole moderation team (except Cam) has. We’ve copped bans and had comments deleted and know that it feels personal. Well, it isn’t. But we understand you might want to know where you went wrong. We aren’t likely to tell you directly because after all we are volunteers and don’t have time to explain to everyone on their whim. While we would hope that you are philosophical and try and work out for yourself what the problem was, it isn’t unreasonable to expect some sort of explanation if requested in a polite manner. Just remember that the key is to have patience and wait. It might take days.

As most people would appreciate this is new territory and the finer details have not yet been fully worked out. I would just like to say that I am not the head of the moderation team like Pete was. For the time being Cam is and as you will appreciate he doesn’t suffer fools, is blunt and to the point.

Full credit and thanks go to Pete for implementing the moderation system and putting the tools in place.