Two whaleoilers have ridden to the rescue and two slots now have a dedicated volunteer. THANK YOU so much.

We still need help for the third item.

So far despite being temporarily one man down, we are keeping our heads above water pretty well if I don’t say so myself. A big part of our ability to do that is the number of volunteers who have stepped up to help. THANK YOU so much, you all know who you are.

There are three areas where we could do with some extra assistance.

  1. We need a person who is a lover of pus to send us 4 videos a month for the Cyst Saturday slot (strong stomach required).
  2. We need a person to send us 4 videos a month for the Sunday Standup slot

This is an easy job where you only have to e-mail us once a month with links to 4 videos.

We’d?love to hear from you.

The third area where we need help is the 4 general video slots a night that need to be filled with the cream of the crop.

I am relying on readers to regularly send me videos that they find interesting.

Please send them through to videos at

The more the merrier. It is not possible for me to get too many as I will use them all to schedule slots weeks in advance.