Comment of the Day – UPDATED

From Sally:

It is such a humanitarian emergency. Manus Island is going to be looked at in history as one of the?worst and grossest of human rights violations.?

-Golriz Ghahraman 30 0ct 2017.

What! Were you not listening in the trials when you defended mass murders? Rwanda genocide up to up to 1m deaths and 800,000 displaced people compared to 600 people who can go home anytime.

Spot on Sally.

So, Golriz Ghahraman thinks a few ratbags refusing to live in brand new air conditioned apartments with freedom to walk about and do what they want on Manus Island is worse than 800,000 Tutsi killed, just for not being Hutu?

A few violent ratbags on manus Island is worse than this?

She disgusts me. Sally is dead right, did she think defending these scumbags was just for fun and geno-selfies.

UPDATED: Here is the audio of where Golriz Gharhaman make the quote listed above. The quote begins at 54secs.

And now she has denied saying that to Chris Lynch. She is now lying like a flatfish, denying her own words. Her denial is at

She can’t even remember statements she made less than a month ago.

Nothing stacks up.